Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lichtensteig - our Swiss Destination

From Frankfurt to Switzerland, our next destination was Lichtensteig - a countryside small town some 57 kilometres east of Zurich. It was here that we had booked a motel for our two days and two nights stay in Switzerland.

The motel we stayed in has a picturesque view of the countryside and whichever window we looked from, it was pleasing to see lush green hills covered with thick carpet of grass and vegetation, guarded by tall forest trees.

 Street of Lichtensteig - good to find old pal Morris Minor 1000

 My son standing in the balcony  - the place I sat and enjoyed my morning coffee

The new city church
 We posing with the tremendously rich and lush green background

From Lichtensteig we went out to Zurich to spend the entire day and while we were here, we enjoyed the Swiss mornings and nights to our fullest. If you happen to be visiting Switzerland and want to really enjoy your stay in a true countryside, mark Lichtensteig as one of the best place you would ever come across in Switzerland.

Read detailed account at:

Two days and two nights in Lichtensteig, Switzerland ~ Jaho Jalal


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