Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kiel, Germany - my Schengen Travelogue launchpad

 A cruise ship docked on Kiel harbour

I was in Kiel Germany in September 2014 - which became my launchpad for my two trips of Schengen countries. Herein under are some of the many photos I shot in Kiel and am sharing for the interest of my readers:

 The ever efficient Kiel transport service
 Vinetaplatz - a typical residential area of the city
 A fountain in the city centre
 Me standing with the famous tower of the city town hall in the background
 I saw this massive Swedish dog and could not resist to take a shot
 My family in the city centre
 A showcase of women jewelry shop
 Media Markets are found in various parts of the city where one can buy anything that works on electricity
 Those who think VW comes only in Beetle design
 A city bus as seen from the overhead duct of the main city shopping centre

Halloween was celebrated in Kiel on 31 October and on Sunday two buildings in the city center had a monstrous slideshow as can be seen from the following few shots. Reminded me of the enormous fire and light show at the Disneyland World, Paris.

 The city railway station (above inside) and below outside
 The city harbour with boats docked
 City centre market
 Although Christmas is more than month away, but shops have started to sell Christmas related good, sweets and toys

Photos: All photos have been taken by me 
Read more about Kiel and see more photos of Kiel at my travel blog JahoJalal


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