Monday, February 16, 2015

A visit to the once most dreaded wall of history - the Berlin Wall

Vising Berlin and not going to the what remains of once the most dread wall of history - the Berlin Wall will be losing a life time opportunity. The remains of the wall today is the grim reminder of the difference between freedom and oppression. Although, we had just one day in Berlin, I made it a point to visit the Berlin Wall remains to hear the echos of cries and bullet shots that took lives of many who just wanted to breathe in freedom.

The Glory Hole (as can be seen in the photo above) was just a hole but a peep from it could show the freedom on the other side.

 This is how the wall looked from the free world or the erstwhile West Germany
The portion from where the wall has been removed, steel bars still represent the general alignmnet of the wall.

The junction of BernauerStraBe and AckerstraBe was the that difference between freedom and oppression. The former street led into the East Germany, while the latter ran parallel to the Berlin Wall in the free World. The building below is the first building in the East German side and must have been a KGB office - keeping a close watch on the West Germans.

The watch tower inside the East German territory

This entrance has been made to go from the West German side into the East German side:

And inside are the many graffiti that shows the sentiments and desires of the East Germans. Going along the wall, one could see so many of these  written by unknown artists who did it at the cost of their lives.

 Berlin Wall from East German side, with lights of West Germany visible across the wall
 Part of the fallen wall preserved for future generations
 Photos of many unsung heroes who died in their struggle, that finally bore fruits when the wall finally crumbled 

 My son (above) and myself (below) posing with the glory hole

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