Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A walk on Champs Élysées

Going to Paris and not vising Champs Élysées is not fare at all as all fashion of the world originates from the over one kilometre long fashion street. So after vising the Eiffel Tower, we headed to Place Charles de Gaulle square and towards the east of Arc de Triomphe. And after seeing the huge arc, Champs Élysées was our most logical destination which starts from the arc and goes on to Place de la Concorde.

Although we could not go all the way to its end, as we had to rush back to the evening boat ride of Paris, we walked some distance and window shopped some of the best brands of the world fashion. Herein under are some of the shots we took of Paris' famous fashion street:

Champs-Élysées is located off the Place Charles de Gaulle square and towards the east of Arc de Triomphe. It is almost 2 kilometres in length and some 70 metres wide. On its both side one can see major French brand names on huge shopping malls. It also houses famous theaters and cafés.

Beside many women fashion stores, and 'some' men's exclusive stores, there were car displays of major brands where my sons posed for a photo or two in front of the shining Mercedes Benz.

The end was too long and tiring and we finally decided to turn back and had the Arc de Triomphe in view as can be seen in the photo below since we were hurry to go back to the Eiffel Tower for the evening boat ride around Paris and see the illuminations that make the Eiffel Tower glitter like gold.

Before saying good bye to the Paris fashion centre, we had a family photo as a remembrance of the visit to Champs Élysées. i would keep sharing more photos of my visit to Paris in coming posts.

In the meanwhile, do visit my travel blog JahoJalal for detailed account of my visit to Paris and other Schengen countries.

Photo credit: All photos above are taken by me and are accordingly copy righted.


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