Saturday, February 7, 2015

About Schengen Photo Travelogue

This is my new blog which I am creating exclusive for the photos that I shot during my visit to some of the Schengen countries recently. Kiel, Germany was my launching pad to my travel to a number of Schengen countries and the landscape, scenery and landmarks of these countries not only charmed me but also took me to landmarks and places that I had since my childhood fancied and wanted to see.

My maiden view of the famous Eiffel Tower

Although I have been sharing my detailed account of visit to Schengen countries in my travel blog JahoJalal, I cannot share all the photos as lengthy and posts over crowded with photos become boring. So in this blog I shall be sharing all those countless photos that I did not share or some which I would still like to share as these were the best I chose from the rest.

The leaning tower of Pisa

I hope my travel and photography passion will find a better place in this blog and my readers and friends would find this Schengen countries exclusive photo blog interesting and enjoying.

Wish me well and good luck in  my effort.


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