Saturday, February 7, 2015

Eiffel Tower - the darling of tourists

The first thing that I went looking in Paris, as soon as I drove into this romantic city, was the famous Eiffel Tower. But it was late at night and we were too tired to look for it at night. But as soon as sun broke cover, we took the first available Metro to visit the famous land mark of Paris. 

Herein under are the some of the many shots I took of this steel structure - which is the darling of tourists from around the world:

 Queuing up for the ticket

 A along with my wife and sons (above/below)

Her are some more photos of Eiffel Tower:

My son looking for a suitable Eiffel Tower souvenir 
Selfie of all of us with the tower in the background

Read full account of my visit to Eiffel Tower at JahoJalal


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